Center for People Empowerment in the Upland Farmers Association (CPEU-FA) Inc.

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  • 2875 hectares
Community Profile
The Center for People Empowerment in the Upland Farmers Association, Inc. is a registered People Organization (PO) that was established on April 8, 1997. With 49 active members hailing from diverse backgrounds including Bicolano, Ilocano, Tagalog, and Bisaya individuals, the association encompasses a total of 256 households, providing a community for 1520 members. Their major products—coconuts, rice, vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, abaca/vines, tiger grass, and pineapple—sustain households and contribute to the market. Essential amenities such as an elementary school, daycare center, barangay hall, church, water system, and barangay health center cater to the community's needs. Key sources of livelihood for the association include farming, civil works/construction, handicraft-making, and labor work.
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The association's vision revolves around fostering a community marked by progressive, sustainable, and straightforward living within an abundant environment. This vision extends to include honest individuals committed to fulfilling goals and objectives, aiming towards profitable and sustainable economic and social development.
The mission of the association is to collaboratively engage with the government to establish a noble and legal way of living. Their objective is to encourage holders of Certificates of Stewardship Contracts (CSC) who are not members to engage in tree planting within their protected land. Actively participating in nature protection, the association emphasizes effective communication and the implementation of livelihood projects. The overarching mission is to uplift the livelihood standards of both members and non-members who possess land within the Community-Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA) area. This is achieved through diverse projects, with a special focus on enhancing livelihoods through handicraft-making utilizing minor forest products.
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Land Profile
The association's tenure over their land is anchored in a Community-Based Forest Management Agreement (CBFMA) granted on November 21, 1997. This agreement facilitates access to 2875 hectares of land that span across the barangays of San Pascual and Basud. The average land elevation stands at 500 meters above sea level, with a topography slope ranging from 30 to 70%. The landscape is intersected by significant rivers including Bahi, Napolidan, Tuaca, and Caayunan, contributing to the richness of the environment. This varied topography and river network provide an ideal setting for the production of various agroforestry products in the area.
Land Cover Map
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